Sedan 1- 3 passengers
Sedan 1- 4 passengers with little luggage :
with comfortable cushioning, leather seats and air conditioning every trip is a pleasure.
Our cars offer the highest standards of comfort and safety.


Van 1 - 8 passengers :
The perfect combination between comfort and space generousity.
Those vehicles equipped with leather seats, air conditioning and dark windows, are ideal for groups up to 8 passengers with lots of luggage. All our 8 seater vans are extra long versions, with additional 40 cm of trunk space.



Minibus 9 - 19 / 20 - 30 passengers :
Our minibuses are well equipped and perfect for groups of 9-19 / 20-30 passengers.
The passengers compartment is spacious and silent, the seats are comfortable and the conditioning system makes the journey pleasurable.


Bus 1 - 54 passengers :
For groups up to 54 passengers we offer our comfortably equipped motorcoaches. 
Our buses are very bright with big panoramic windows. The interiors are elegant, the finishings are valuable.
Those vehicles generous in breadth and in height ( 2 m 10), are ideal for comfortable journeys.

Torna Su